Artz Showcase Day

A Chance for All Our Students to Shine!

  • Sunday August 24th, 2016. Starts 11:00am

Get ready for your chance to sing &/or dance in front of your fans our terrific in-house Showcase Day. At the Artz Collective, we believe in developing our students, step by step in their performance skills and ability. This is another of the small steps that make up their journey to the big stage.

All students are invited, whether group classes or solo competition students to come along & present your class work & hone your performance skills from this wonderful Artz Family day, celebrating the amazing leaps & bounds our students have taken throughout the year. Participation certificates with personalised comments are awarded from our adjudicator for every student who participates.

What do I wear?

This is an in-house day, so just come along looking sparkling & fantastic in your full class uniform. Nothing else is required, no jewellery, please have your hair off your face & tidy as you would for class or exam – a bun is required for ballet students.

If you are performing a solo competition routine you have preprared in private lessons, in which case you will wear your costume.