Dance & Ballet, Music Theatre & Irish Dance for Children

Exciting Classes to Inspire & Grow Your Child’s Passion & Talent

Belong – Grow – Perform – THRIVE!

Watch your child achieve beyond their dreams in dance & performing arts classes through specially designed, age appropriate programs delivered by highly experienced teachers to help your child grow, perform & truly Thrive!

“The teachers have really helped to ignite a passion for dance in my daughter and she attends all her dance classes with great enthusiasm…”  J Hancox

Teaching dance & musical theatre requires an incredible amount of skill as we care for children’s physical development.

It’s so important teachers know just what to look for to help as children develop, and that your child has levels of structured syllabus classes to progress through each year to help them grow & learn.

Our highly trained teachers have years of experience & knowledge to share to give your child the chance to truly thrive in their classes, and onstage.

Using innovative new teaching methods combined with traditional technique & values we encourage and inspire our wonderful young dancers, giving them the best of both the old proven methods plus also the new & exciting ways of learning!

From their first step into the studios right up to performing live on stage, watch as your child grows in confidence & self belief through our performing arts training.

“Artz Collective offer high calibre dance teachers – professional yet down to earth.

The students adore all the teachers…

“The nurturing nature of the school (teachers, students and parents) make you feel like you are part of a very caring “dance family”, which is wonderful for our daughter, and us as a family, to be a part of. ” Juliette

  • Superb Teachers Share their Knowledge & Secrets with you!

  • Know your child is learning safely in our special, step-by-step programs with age appropriate levels, songs & skills for your child’s physiological development.

  • Learn with an emphasis on artistry with terrific technique creating brilliant foundations to build up your child’s confidence & develop performance skills so they can absolutely shine!

  • No nasty fee surprises! Rest easy knowing your child’s tuition, uniform, costumes & performances are included in one simple monthly or fortnightly payment.

  • Enjoy an environment where everyone knows your child’s name & students work as a team, learning to support each-other whilst challenging themselves.

What’s an Intro Class?

Give your school-aged child who simply loves dancing, singing or musical theatre a chance to enjoy a class or program with us in an obligation-free Intro Class. You have absolutely nothing to loose!

(This information is for school aged children, for preschool info click here:  Preschool Juniors Classes)

Book Your Child an Obligation-Free Intro Class:

At an Intro Class, we give your child the chance to try a class or program before committing to it, to experience the engaging teaching style, our big-family environment & to see what it’s really like in class in our purpose built studios!

To book in, follow these 3 steps to give your child an exciting performing arts experience today:

  1. Contact Us – Click the Book an Intro Class button / Call Us & tell us your child’s age, and the kinds of things they love! 
  2. Choose a class or program as your Intro Class from our Recommendations on the phone or in our email back to you. Bring your child to experience an obligation free class with us – it’s that simple!
  3.  Either enrol in the program your child tried as their Intro Class / ask to try a different class / program OR Purchase a 3 Class Intro Pass in the program to enable your child to attend 3 more Intro Classes before enrolling fully.
  4. We know what we do works which makes us so excited to meet you and your child and help them in their Intro class so they can  kick off their first step in learning the magic of all the skills that learning the performing arts brings!

Step 1: Contact Us with Your Child’s Age & Class Style Preference

Contact us by clicking the Book an Intro Class button or give us a call  to find out a the best available classes or programs for your child.

Let us know your child’s age, what they love about dance & performing arts and what kind of classes you’re looking for – if you know!

Ballet & Dance

Irish Dance

Jazz & Tap Dance

Contemporary Dance

Musical Theatre

Singing Lessons

VCE Coaching

Preparation for VCE Coaching

Step 2: Select a Class or Program to Try From Our Recommendations As Your Intro Class

We’ll email you back or give you a call with the classes or program options, days & times we think are the best for for your child’s experience and age to do as one Intro Class.

If our Program recommendation doesn’t quite fit your child’s requirements you can select your own classes & levels from the Full Weekly Class Schedule

Any questions, ask us in the notes when you click the Book In Button!

Step 3: Either: A) Enrol in the Program You Tried / Choose a Different Class or B) Purchase a 3 Class Intro Pass to Try 3 More Classes

Once your child has tried a class or program in their Intro Class, you can either enrol at the Packaged rate, or purchase a 3 Class Intro Pass which enables your child to attend 3 more weeks of the program before they enrol fully.

You can use a 3 Class Intro Pass to try different classes/programs OR the same class/program over 3 subsequent weeks.

Questions? As us as you Book an Intro Class.

Remember – you can ask us any questions & we’ll send you some more information when you Book In.

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