Dance & Ballet, Music Theatre & Irish Dance for Children

Exciting Classes to Inspire & Grow Your Child’s Passion & Talent

Belong – Grow – Perform – THRIVE!

Watch your child achieve beyond their dreams in dance & performing arts classes through specially designed, age appropriate programs delivered by highly experienced teachers to help your child grow, perform & truly Thrive!

“The teachers have really helped to ignite a passion for dance in my daughter and she attends all her dance classes with great enthusiasm…”  J Hancox

Teaching dance & musical theatre requires an incredible amount of skill as we care for children’s physical development.

It’s so important teachers know just what to look for to help as children develop, and that your child has levels of structured syllabus classes to progress through each year to help them grow & learn.

Our highly trained teachers have years of experience & knowledge to share to give your child the chance to truly thrive in their classes, and onstage.

Using innovative new teaching methods combined with traditional technique & values we encourage and inspire our wonderful young dancers, giving them the best of both the old proven methods plus also the new & exciting ways of learning!

From their first step into the studios right up to performing live on stage, watch as your child grows in confidence & self belief through our performing arts training.

“Artz Collective offer high calibre dance teachers – professional yet down to earth.

The students adore all the teachers…

“The nurturing nature of the school (teachers, students and parents) make you feel like you are part of a very caring “dance family”, which is wonderful for our daughter, and us as a family, to be a part of. ” Juliette

  • Superb Teachers Sharing their Knowledge & Secrets with you!
  • Specialised step-by-step programs to help develop strong dancers in age appropriate levels.
  • Enjoy plenty of personalised attention with our Small Class Numbers
  • Belong to Artz Collective’s family environment where students challenge themselves while supporting eachother

What’s an Intro Class?

Give your school-aged child who simply loves dancing, singing or musical theatre a chance to enjoy a class or program with us in an obligation-free Intro Class. You have absolutely nothing to loose!

(This information is for school aged children, for preschool info click here:  Preschool Juniors Classes)

Book Your Child an Obligation-Free Intro Class:

At an intro Class, we give your child the chance to try a class or program before committing to it, to experience the engaging teaching style, our big-family environment & to see what it’s really like in class in our purpose built studios!

To book in, follow these 3 steps to give your child an exciting performing arts experience today:

  1. Choose the Dance, singing or musical theatre classes your child would like try from the weekly class schedule or ask us to help you.  (If you’re unsure, let us know about your child & the kinds of thing they like – & the kind of dancing & performing they do around the house, at school or – in the supermarket aisles etc…(!) in step 2 & we can recommend a class for you!)
  2. Click the button now to Book in your child for an Intro Class. Ask us to assist you if you’re unsure of the level or style.
  3. We will be in touch to confirm the day, time and date of your Intro Class. You’ll then bring your child along on the day to experience a no obligation class with us – it’s that simple!

We know what we do works which makes us so excited to meet you and your child and help them in their Intro class so they can  kick off their first step in learning the magic of all the skills that learning the performing arts brings!

Choose a Class or Program:

  • 5yrs-6yr olds Pre-Primary Ballet & Dance Program

    Ballet, Tap & Jazz Dance Program, Saturdays 10:00am – 11:30am

  • 6yrs-8yr olds Primary Ballet & Dance Program

    Ballet, Tap & Irish Dance Program: Wednesday 5:00pm-6:30pm

  • Tween Beginners Ballet & Dance Program (8+yrs)

    Ballet & Jazz Dance (+ optional Tap Dance Class): Thursdays from 4:00pm

  • 8yrs - 11yr olds Dance Program

    Choose 2 or more classes from Ballet, Tap, Jazz Dance, Contemporary & Irish Dance on Thursdays or Saturdays

  • 12yrs - 14yrs Dance Program

    Choose 2+ classes from Ballet, Tap, Jazz Dance, Contemporary & Irish Dance

  • 15yrs -18yrs Dance Program

    Choose 2+ classes from Ballet, Tap, Jazz Dance, Contemporary & Irish Dance

  • Junior Musical Theatre Program 5-7yrs (Incl Dance, Drama & Singing Class)

    Wednesdays 4:00pm – 5:30pm

  • Musical Theatre Program Inters (Incl Dance, Drama & Singing Class)

    Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm

  • Irish Dance Classes 5-7yrs

    Monday 5:00pm-5:50pm

  • Irish Dance Beginners 8-13yrs

    Wednesdays 4:00pm – 5:00pm

  • Irish Dance Program (Non-beginners) 8+yrs

    Hardshoe class: Tuesdays 5:30pm

    Softshoe & Teams Class: Wednesdays 4:30pm

    Optional Irish Dance Development Class: Saturdays 1:30pm

  • Song & Dance Programs

    5-7yrs Song & Dance Saturday mornings

    7-9yrs Song & Dance Tuesday afternoons

    10-13yrs Song & Dance Saturday afternoons

  • Ballet Classes

    Choose from Ballet Grade & Exam Classes, Ballet Extension Classes (Ballet Gr 3+) PLUS Pre-Pointe (Ballet Gr 4+) or Pointe Class

  • Tap Dance

    5-6yr olds Beginners: Saturday morning

    6-8yr old Beginners: Wednesday afternoon

    8-11yrs Beginners: Saturdays morning

    9-12yrs Elementary: Thursdays afternoon

    11-15yrs Intermediates: Thursdays afternoon

    16+yrs Intermediates: Tuesday night

  • Jazz Dance

    5-6yrs 11:30am Saturdays

    6-9yrs 4:00pm Tuesdays

    9-12yrs 5:45pm Thursdays

    13-16yrs 6:00pm Thursdays

  • Contemporary Dance

    Beginners: Wednesdays 7:00pm

    Intermediate: Wednesdays 7:15pm

  • Singing Lessons

    Book in One on One Private Lessons or take a group singing class.

    Our Musical Theatre Programs also include a group singing class in each program!

  • Acrobatics

    3-5yr olds Tumbling Tinies

    6-9yr olds Acro Beginners

    7-12yr olds Acro Inters

  • Private Coaching & Lessons

    Private Coaching for Competitions

    VCE Coaching from Year 9 – Year 12

    University / Tertiary Course Auditions

    Pre-Professional Course Audition

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