Irish Dance for all in Melbourne’s West

Irish Dance Classes

New, vibrant & exciting! Experience Irish Dance through our step by step system making learning this dynamic dance style so simple, clear & easy for all ages.

Our irish dance classes give students the opportunity to develop at their own pace as they make life-long friends, grow their skills beyond brilliant basics to tricky team dances & gravity defying routines!

Embracing the idea of passing on our heritage of irish dancing to the next generation no matter what their dance or ethnic background we love teaching irish dance here in melbourne’s western suburbs. And we do just that, pass on our heritage through both tried and tested teaching methods AND terrific modern training techniques.  And seeing our students smiles as they succeed in their dancing is why we love our irish dance.

Well, that and the infectious toe tapping rhythms that simply make you feel HAPPY!

Using both traditional styles alongside new innovative steps and concepts though feis and workshops from international world champions and experts, we access the latest teaching concepts by being part of large global organisation, WIDA (The World Irish Dance Association)

WIDA has membership in over 22 countries & the aim of W.I.D.A. is to encourage those who have an interest or a history in Irish Dance, and to assist in teaching the next generation of teachers & dancers no matter where that may be in the world.

This way of teaching allows students to move up through their levels & progress along through an easy to follow system, not reliant on children competing in competitions to “grade out” of their current class, and regardless of their financial background.

Students can easily elect to do grade exams to move up through their levels, or competitions, or both!

Our students have opportunities to dance at events in Melbourne & at local displays. Forget what you’ve seen on TV about expensive dresses, here at the Artz Collective, Altona North’s only Irish dance school, competitions are completely optional & a simple class uniform or teams dress is all that’s required to participate in all of the above.

From our tiny preschool dancers up through our teenage dancers to our adult irish dance students, all ages are welcome at the Artz Collective. And we actively encourage everyone to have a go.

Whether you are dancing to fulfil a dance dream, a fitness goal or as a way to meet new faces and build friendships without our Artz collective family, we know you will love being a part of our dynamic & friendly irish dance community here in the western suburbs.

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