Irish Dance Classes

Join An Exciting Irish Dance School!

Your child will love taking our super-exciting irish dance classes!

With fabulous music & thrilling rhythms, all delivered by  qualified teachers, your budding River-dancer will be jumping with joy as they jig their way through the levels and grades.

Watch your child’s talent grow as they dance their hearts out learning the skills, steps and artistry of irish dance, gaining fitness and flare!

You’ll learn irish dancing by using our simple step-by-step system.

Our system makes each student able to see their progression & their own development easily and it makes it super- exciting for them to step through the levels so proud of their new skills and achievements.

Book an obligation-free Intro Class to experience irish dancing class the Artz Collective way, today!

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Qualified teachers in Irish dance are a MUST!

Our classes & programs are led by qualified Irish Dance teacher & Adjudicator (ADCRG) Ms Ziggy Clements and having been on the judging panel for World Championships Ziggy knows what you need to succeed in irish dancing!

And this means you can relax knowing you have fully trained teachers with a duty of care for your or your child’s development.

We train our dancers how to grow their skills beyond brilliant basics up to incredible high flying moves, tricky team dances & steps that seem to defy gravity itself!

Book an Intro Class for your child now to experience this amazing & athletic dance style!

*No-one in your family is irish?

*Your parents never danced a step?

*No idea why your child just wants to be Emma Wiggle & irish dance all day long?

*Danced as a child & want your child to experience the best of irish dance without a super-competitive atmosphere?

No  matter what your dance or ethnic background,  we love teaching irish dance to all here in melbourne’s western suburbs. This means your child , can find friends in class and be proud of themselves as they grow in their skills as they learn!

AND – you’ll be learning through both tried & tested teaching methods AND terrific new & modern teaching techniques.

You’re joining in a long line of tradition in our classes as we pass our heritage of irish dancing on and legacy of our own teachers lives on!

Seeing students burst out in big grins as they conquer a new step in their dancing is why we love teaching irish dance.

Well, that plus those uber-infectious, toe-tapping rhythms of irish music that simply make you feel HAPPY!

Fulfil your dance dream as you learn from qualified & experienced teachers who care about your child’s development.

Join our Artz Collective family and belong to our dynamic & friendly irish dance community here in the western suburbs today.

Click the button to choose a day & Book in your child  for an Intro Class to experience irish dance for themselves today!

Book a free Intro Class to experience irish dancing class with us today!

STEP 1: Click the button and fill in the short online form.

STEP 2: You can choose the day & time you’d like to attend class, depending on the age & level of the student, or ask for assistance with it.

STEP 3: We’ll email you back & confirm your Intro Class booking.

Don’t Miss Out!

Our Classes do fill up.

BUT – if the day or time of the class you want is full, we’ll put your child on a waiting list & contact you if a space becomes available.

Irish Dance Beginners Classes:

Mondays 4:45pm – 5:40pm  5yrs – 9yrs (School aged)

Wednesdays 5:00pm – 6:30pm Flare Stars: Ballet, Irish & Tap Dance program (7-9yrs)

Wednesdays 7:30pm – 8:45pm Adult Beginners

Saturdays  11:30am – 12:30pm 8yrs – 13yrs

Irish Dance Preschool Classes:

Mondays 4:00pm – 4:30pm Little Leprechauns Irish Dance

Wednesdays 4:00pm – 4:55pm ProtoStars Ballet, Tap & Irish Dance Program 3-5yrs

Using both traditional styles alongside new innovative steps and concepts from international world champions and experts, we access the latest teaching concepts by being part of large global organisation, WIDA (World Irish Dance Association).

WIDA has membership in over 23 countries with an aim to encourage those who have an interest or a history in Irish Dance, and to assist in teaching the next generation of teachers & dancers no matter where that may be in the world.

At the Artz Collective, students learn classwork structured in steps to help them progress.

Students can elect to do grade exams in our step by step system, designed to help them move up a grade each year.

Your child may grow their skills to be able to participate in our performances at festivals and  shows.

Our students have opportunities to dance at events in Melbourne & at local displays, festivals, corporate events & community days.

Based at our purpose-built studios in Altona North, we are melbourne’s only Irish dance school in the inner western suburbs.


From our tiny dancers up to our teens, your dance uniform for classes and displays is included in your Monthly tuition fees!

Any competitions are optional & our simple class uniform, which is included as part of your Monthly Tuition Package).

This means dancing shoes are all you need to take part in any and all of our exams, feis (competitions) festival performances & events!


Our Beginners and Preschool irish dance classes and programs are a super-fun yet traditionally based start to your child’s dancing journey!

From our gorgeous tiny preschool dancers right up through tween & teenage dancers to  our adult irish dance students, we make sure to teach:



Fitness &


All ages are welcome at the Artz Collective in irish dance.

We teach 3yr olds & preschoolers, through primary school aged beginners, right up to our adult dance community.

We welcome adults who are new to irish dance as well as people who danced as a child and want to reconnect with irish dancing now: for fitness, for friendship, for connection and definitely for the love of it!

So whatever your age, we actively encourage you to step up & have a go!

Our teaching & syllabus system allows all students to move up through their levels & progress along through an easy to follow system.

If you’ve experienced irish dance before, you may have needed to go to competitions to move up a grade or class, but not here at the Artz Collective.

Your young dancer will move with their class and group, and Feis competitions are completely optional.


Our simple accessible uniform requirements mean children and adult dancers alike are able to participate fully without having to outlay expensive sparkly dresses, big wigs, tiaras and fake tan!

At the Artz Collective, we keep teaching dancing simple.

Our irish dancing is ALL about:

1. Legacy

2. Tradition

3. Heritage

and of course – the Irish Dancing itself!