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I cannot thank Ziggy & her team enough for getting my daughter to where she is today.

Imagine singing out with confidence knowing your vocal skills are being developed with care & know-how in our specially designed Step-by-Step singing programs based in Altona North in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Artz Collective founder & program designer, Ms Ziggy Clements, (“Motherhood The Musical, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia!”) is herself a diverse professional musical theatre performer who has worked for 20+yrs as a professional singer to develop an amazing step by step program for young singers.

After over ten years of research and development, these step by step programs guide young voices to grow with age appropriate content, fun & challenging exercises, and qualified, experienced teachers there to give your talent personal attention.

And now, she has shared this teaching program with her teachers at the Artz Collective to help them build strong & beautiful voices from the ground up and give you the strength to perform, but also keeping your natural sound, feel & style.

Our students have achieved an A+ for their VCE Singing score, a standing ovation from the panel on the X-Factor, ans have been cast in professional musicals, so why not experience a lesson with our vocal experts and hear for yourself what all the fuss is about?

We are so proud of the results our teachers have achieved and we would love to share our programs and specially designed teaching structure & programs with you, so you can experience just how much you can get out of our terrific system.

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Artz Collective Singing Lessons to help you gain your dream role!

Artz Collective Singing Lessons to help you gain your dream role!

Seeing Anna perform brought a tear to my eye; John and I know she can sing but is reluctant to perform front of anyone – even us at home Cheers, Maria


Enhance your child’s natural singing ability & give them performance opportunities at Artz Collective, Altona North

Book in for a weekly group class and work on your harmony & develop your skills, and have your weekly class of private tuition to work on your solo songs and performance skills, perhaps join us at a vocal competition to help develop your confidence even further.

Private singing coaching is wonderful for developing your voice much faster than group classes, you won’t believe how quickly things can move along for you once you start your lessons with your singing teacher.  Private singing coaching can assist with developing a sense of musicality, improve pitch (whether you are in tune with the music) and develops range (how high or low  you can sing – from up high to down low!) and the general strength of you voice, so if you’ve ever wondered what having good singing technique means – have private lessons is the sure fire way tof ind out!

There is sooo much more to singing than just trying to hit the notes in time with the music, wow, you’re going to find out sooo much more about your voice and how to use it in your Private Singing Lessons!

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