Music Theatre Programs & Singing Lessons

Music Theatre Creating Confident Young Performers!

Give your child an exciting opportunity to grow learning key Musical Theatre skills in an award winning program full of the dance, singing & acting they love! And all developed by a professional performer with teachers to help your child thrive in class & live on-stage.

Watch your child’s confidence in performing grow in a program developing their natural strengths & abilities by using exciting new teaching methods to bring out their best.

Your child will be so proud of what they can achieve as they step into character and embrace each new level, stage & challenge in our Musical Theatre Programs!

Experience a program created from the incredible know-how of a veteran Musical Theatre professional combined with 20+yrs experience teaching performing arts to children.

Developed by Artz Collective principal, Ziggy Clements, (“Motherhood The Musical, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia!”) after performing in professional musical theatre for 20+yrs, this sensational program is perfect for school aged youngsters with dreams of acting, dance & singing – bringing their own strengths out to shine whilst learning new skills – and you can be sure your child will have an absolute ball in classes!

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… the artistic display of performer skills – right across the age groups.. & the musical score – I can keep going on, it was all class & quality! ” M D’Amore

Musical Theatre Programs:

It’s your child’s turn to experience this exciting new method of learning the tricks & skills required to sustain children through the demands of musical theatre dance, singing & performing!

After over ten years of research & development, our new  program guides voices to grow in strength, vocal stamina and range specially for Music Theatre!

Program Days & Times:

Our Musical Theatre Programs at the Artz Collective are now open in the following age groups:

5-8yrs Junior Musical Theatre: **NEW TIME** 5pm – 7:00pm Wednesdays

9-14yrs Intermediate Musical Theatre: **NEW TIME** 6:00pm – 8:00pm Wednesdays

15-18yrs Senior Musical Theatre: 6:00pm – 8:30pm Thursdays

Related Programs:

Can’t make Wednesdays?

Try one of our related programs in Song & Dance!

With a dance class & group singing class, these programs have all the excitement of Music Theatre but without the drama component, making it absolutely perfect for our performers who don’t want to speak out loud, or have busy lives on Wednesdays, but really love to sing & dance!

Tuesdays: 6-9yrs: Fusion Stars Song & Dance

Program includes 1 x Jazz-Funk Dance class & 1 x Singing Class:

Lead by qualified, experienced teachers giving your child’s talent personal attention, your child will adore jumping into this high energy program.

Saturdays: 10:45am – 11:30am

5-6yr olds Nova Stars Dancers (specially for children in prep-Gr 1!)

Program includes:

1 x Ballet, 1 x Jazz Dance & Tap Dance class 

 6-8yr olds Orange Stars Song & Dance 

Program includes:

1 x Ballet class,

1 x Jazz Dance & Tap Dance Class

1 x Irish Dance class,

1 x Group Singing Class!

So it’s a really exciting, high energy dream morning for our Orange Stars!

Saturdays: 11:30am – 1:15pm

Green Stars Song & Dance Program for 7-13yrs (Great program for boys!) 

Program Includes: Irish Dance, Tap Dance & a Group Singing Class



Musical Theatre Seniors 15yrs – 18yr olds:

Wednesdays 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Designed to close the gap as children move from high school to pre-tertiary or want to perform in local shows or audition for diploma or University courses in professional musical theatre performance, this course is full of exactly what your child will need as they take the next step in performing in musical theatre.


Is Your Child Thinking about a career in Musical Theatre…?

Our specially designed program includes a special senior advanced level where we assist your child in their step up into Musical Theatre tertiary training, university courses and audition performance.

With our students gaining roles in musicals across Australasia in Billy Eliot The Musical, as P!nk in the Pink Tribute Show, in Disney shows, performing at Disneyland and California Adventure Park, the Royal Melbourne Show as well as A+ grades for VCE and so much more  our Musical Theatre lessons are renowned for quality, for technical know-how, and for giving students the edge in performance.

Enquire with us now about our Seniors Musical Theatre Program by Clicking the Book an Intro Class button!

Private Singing Lessons

Why have a private singing lesson? 

Whilst our fabulous programs in Musical Theatre and Song & Dance  have group singing lessons in-built for learning basic singing skills & learning the songs & musical numbers for each program, your child may be best suited to a more advanced rate of learning in our private singing lessons.

Private lessons are held with only your child in the lesson, so they have the teacher’s full attention at all times helping them to develop at a faster pace. Yet we are still mindful to use age appropriate songs, exercises and studies for your child’s best vocal improvement!

Our private singing lessons are designed to:

*Build your child’s singing voice

*Improve tuning, pitch & intonation,

*Grow your child’s singing range

*Improve their vocal strength &control

*Give your child better performance skills

We do this all while keeping your child’s natural sound, feel & style, because it’s this makes their voice so clearly theirs and not a copy of what they hear others singing.

We don’t want your child to sound like everyone else – we want them to sound like their absolute best version of themselves!

Private Singing lessons can bring incredible results!

Find out first hand how your child can grow and develop their voice with our incredible teaching methods & simple, step by step training to help them thrive.

Book your child in now to experience a lesson with our singing teachers today to hear the profound results of what these lessons can bring for yourself!

We are so proud of the results we’ve achieved for our young singers with A+in VCE Singing to booking cruise ships shows, touring as P!nk in the P!nk Tribute Show, winning talent quests, being on TV shows the X-Factor and  The Voice Kids, and  & would love to share our programs with you so your child can benefit from our incredible teachers & experience.

And if your child loves singing, the results of our dedicated vocal tuition & performance guidance are sure to assist them in really going places with their singing!

Places with our singing teachers are limited, so be quick &  Book in Your intro lesson today.

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  • Musical Theatre Program

    Musical Theatre Program – Includes: Drama / Dance / Singing:


    5:30pm – 7:00pm Junior Program 5-9yrs 

    6:00pm – 8:00pm Intermediate Program 10-14yrs 

    6:00pm – 8:30pm Seniors Program 15-18yrs

    Plus add a private vocal lesson. Book your Intro Class Now to secure your spot.

  • Musical Theatre Singing

  • Younger students 5-8yrs

    Fusion Stars Song & Dance Program 5-8yrs

    Incl: 1 x dance class & 1 x group singing lesson

    Tuesdays 4:00pm – 5:30pm

  • Private Singing Lessons

    Private Singing Lessons: Various days & times can be booked in via the link below or at our office.

    To secure your preferred spot book in now & avoid having to juggle your schedule if your preferred day or time isn’t available!

  • Adult Students Broadway Dance:

    Broadway Jazz Dance: Mondays 7:35pm – 8:45pm

  • Musical Theatre Singing Workshops:

    Book in for an Intro Lesson to see if you qualify to attend our Musical Theatre Artistry courses today!

  • Production Class

    Join our high achieving Production Class & star in the cast of a musical production!

    Our team of professional directors, choreographers and musicians put together a fabulous show for you to perform at the end of Term 2 and auditions are held for students in Term 1 for this exciting & challenging team.

“Having learned from Ziggy my daughter starred in many amateur theatre productions, she had the lead in.. Annie & is now up for an Lyrebird Award for her portrayal of Fredrika in the musical, “A Little Night Music!” H Ismail.

Private Singing Lessons are available to develop your singing voice with a dedicated Vocal coach just for you, book in here now to access this incredible one on one training to  nurture, advance and protect your singing voice.

Choose from 30 minute or 50 minute options.

To Register for your Intro Lesson today & experience a lesson with us CLICK HERE:

I cannot thank Ziggy and her team for getting my daughter to where she is today, she is doing a 3yr course at “The Melbourne Opera Company”, starred in many amateur theatre productions, had the lead in the musical Annie and is up for an Lyrebird award for her portrayal of Fredrika in the musical “A Little Night Music!” H Ismail.

Is your child too young for this program?

Ask us which classes would suit – we have singing lesson times and similar programs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays for younger children.

We apologise if all of our spots are full, and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you or place you on a waiting list if a spot is not currently open for your child.

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