Our Story

our-storyWe are celebrating 16yrs of guiding & training young performers in their quest to reach their performing dreams. Whether being a professional performer is your big goal or just gaining the confidence to sing a song or get up on-stage and perform for mum & dad, all these small steps make up the Artz Collective performing arts journey experience.

Artz Collective was created by Ms Ziggy Clements, (Les Miserables, Motherhood the Musical, Mamma Mia!) to ensure all students, no matter what their background, body shape, ethnicity or natural ability, could have access to terrific performing arts training, teachers, professional mentoring and advice, without having to travel across Melbourne.

“Artz Collective is a fabulous Performing Arts school, offering a variety of different dance styles, catering for children and adults.. Artz Collective offer high calibre dance teachers, who are professional yet down to earth. The students adore all the teachers.

The nurturing nature of the school (teachers, students and parents) make you feel like you are part of a very caring “dance family”, which is wonderful for our daughter, and us as a family, to be a part of.

The teachers have really helped to ignite a passion for dance in my daughter and she attends all her dance classes with great enthusiasm. We are big fans of the Artz Collective Performing Arts School!! “

J Hancox

“As the Founder of the Artz Collective, and a professional dancer / singer & actress myself from the age of 16yrs, I have seen my students astound me, even when I know they are at a professional level, and am constantly humbled by their amazing efforts and dedication. After years on tour with large scale musical productions, and featuring in various TV and cabaret shows and struggling to continue my training in a suitable environment, I created the Artz Collective to ensure all students, no matter what their background, age, size, ethnicity or natural ability could have access to terrific performing arts training, teachers, professional mentoring and advice, without being judged, but where teamwork was important, with the passing on of great knowledge, by experienced teachers. A place for likeminded performing arts teachers to share our legacy and experience.

bannerI would like to share an experience with you, where one of my Year 10 students was in fear of being expelled from her high school due to her terrible grades & behaviour. As a wonderful young leader here in her singing, dancing & acting classes, this high school situation was a mystery to myself and all the staff. So we sat down with her mother and herself, and spoke to her principal, and with careful mentoring and a plan in place with her school to highlight her performing arts strengths in her class schedule, we managed to keep this student in school and with a superb Year 12 grade finish. Wow!

It’s just one of the examples I have where our ability to focus a student’s desire to perform and apply their discipline from their training with us across to another part of their life gave them the confidence to transfer this work ethic and excel in another area of her life. This young woman has now become a professional singer, touring with Nikelodeon & Disney shows and played PINK! in the Pink Tribute show. What a transformation!

We hope we can take you on our magical journey through the performing arts, as we believe it is helping equip all of our students to Perform for Life.”

Artz Collective Founder, Ms Ziggy Clements