Our Talented Teachers

Having had long and thriving careers in the performing arts, as professionals in dance, musical theatre, acting and singing, our teachers love to share knowledge, passing on their heritage & legacy to young aspiring students. Artz teachers continue to develop themselves in various teaching & mentoring programs.

Passing on their knowledge & industry secrets is a cause that all the Artz Collective Teaching Team embrace & enjoy, so come along & learn from our Talented Teachers…

  • Ms Ziggy Clements ADCRG


    B.A. Mus Th Perf
    Founder / Principal

  • Ms Joanne Adderley

    Dr. Education. RAD Ballet Registration
    Head of Classical Ballet & Dance

  • Mr Tim Minturn

    B.A. Mus Th Perf:  Guest Artist: Drama, Music Theatre

  • Emma Barron

    Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Irish Dance, Jazz Dance, & Tap Dance, Ballroom & Bridal

  • Tammy Bouman

    Contemporary Dance, Jazz-Funk-Hip-Hop, Lyrical Dance, Jazz Dance

  • Alannah Attersall

    Singing, Music Theatre