Praise for Artz Collective

Why Artz Collective?

Simply because we care.

We care about our students, their growth & development, their enjoyment & that Artz Collective students are getting the best training possible in the class or level that is right for them. Don’t Listen to us, listen to our parents and students!

RETURN TO DANCE (As an adult student):

Hi my name is John. I have just recently returned back to ballet after sixteen years, I also tap dance and four years ago returned to it.

I had no idea what it would be like dancing ballet again at the age of 45, to my surprise I couldn’t believe how it all come back to me, sure I’m not as flexible as I use to be but the good thing about this school is, it is, all at your own pace, and you feel that when you do the class the teachers are great and teach everybody at their own level, amazingly.

It is a great challenge for your fitness at an open age, the power, strength, flexibility and cardio of a 1 hour class match’s no other form of fitness and it is all at your own pace.

Come and join us, all of you retired dances. Get your shoes back on stretch your legs and back and whatever else needs stretching and start to dance again, I forgot how much I loved to dance ballet, combined again with my tap like everything ballet has also lifted my tap. So come down and give it a go ,Jo and Ziggy are great teachers and will help you in every “step” of the way.


I very much remember my daughters first day at Artz Collective, it was day 1 of Term 1 and the kids returning were running to their teachers for a hug, so excited to be back. My son and daughter now spend many happy hours a week at the school, not only enjoying the the friendly teachers but also benefitting from the high quality of teaching they receive. Both my kids now attend a wide range of classes and I’m particularly pleased that my son can’t wait to get back to his ballet class. I am delighted that my children are having so much fun with their dancing but also that they are learning to such a high standard. I certainly recommend Artz Collective as a great place for boys & girls of any age


I have to start my review by saying I HIGHLY recommend Artz Collective. From the start, when organizing my class through to the class itself, all the staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. As you enter the pictures on the walls and a television show various past performance giving you a good idea of the high standard a lot of the kids attain. We spoke to one little girl, who was about 6, who showed us her pictures and she beamed as she told us how much she enjoyed it.

My 3 year old Sam took part in the Jazz Junior 3-4 year old class. He was one of four kids, all the other were girls who I believe were only in their second lesson. We had two teachers, Miss Ziggy and April. I have to admit that Sam can have a short attention span, he has only just turned 3, but they managed to engage him. The class combined basic dance moves with fun and all kids seemed to enjoy the experience. At the end of the lesson he said he didn’t want to go home as he enjoyed it the dancing too much.

If you have a kid who loves to dance and are looking for a class that’s fun and that helps them to achieve proper dance skills then I’d give Artz Collective a bell and check them out for yourselves.


I would like to take this opportunity to say what a thoroughly enjoyable evening we had on Tuesday night at the the concert performance. It was an enlightening experience to witness a performance of such high calibre reflecting the effort that is required to achieve a truly enjoyable and pleasurable event.

The venue, the various presentations, the artistic display of performer skills – right across the age groups, the magnificent vibrant costume colours and the musical score – I can keep going on, it was all class and quality!  We were left gob-smacked at the conclusion of the performance, waiting for more or at least an encore just to experience a little more!

We are so proud of Olivia’s participation and clearly she enjoyed the evening as much as we did from her perspective of the stage. 

Once again, a big Thank You to yourself, your teachers, and all your staff and assistants who made this event such a pleasurable experience. Keep up the great work!

Michael D’Amore, Lisa Maree & Olivia

I am delighted that my children are having so much fun with their dancing but also that they are learning to such a high standard.

If you have a kid who loves to dance and are looking for a class that’s fun and that helps them to achieve proper dance skills then I’d give Artz Collective a bell We could not recommend the Artz Collective highly enough for any child of any age.

The Artz Collective is a fabulous family experience and their performance environment is encouraging and positive.

The staff are excellent & highly trained with an emphasis on enjoyment and bringing out the best in each child.

I cannot thank Ziggy and her team enough for getting my daughter to where she is today…

My eldest daughter is now a professional singer due to the encouragement and enthusiasum of Artz Collective teachers staff…

“I have absolutely adored going back to ballet classes after a 15 year break! I have really missed dance in my life and I now feel like I’m ‘home’ again.

After working full time for so many years and having my first child, life gets busy! I’ve finally found time for myself and have loved revisiting a few plies and pirouettes! The teachers at the Artz Collective are amazingly supportive and experienced as you work towards your individual goals and re-train your adult body (including injuries!) to learn the art of classical ballet all over again!

No need for tutus and high arabesques! You work at your own level in a friendly and relaxed environment and get fit at the same time. My passion is back, thanks for inspiring me to dance again!”

Terri O