Musical Theatre Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching

“The results show …(those) who sing have increased self-confidence and self-reliance as well as greater academic success.”
An excerpt from Chorus America’s recent study examined the role singing plays in our lives.

Build your Musical Theatre singing voice with a vocal skills program developed with care & know-how from a music theatre professional. After over ten years of research and development, our new  program guides voices to grow in strength, vocal stamina and range specially for Music Theatre! With challenging exercises, lessons and workshops lead by qualified, experienced teachers to give your talent personal attention your will love jumping into this musical theatre program to close the gap between pre-tertiary and professional musical theatre performance.

Ziggy Clements, (“Motherhood The Musical, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia!”) after performing in professional musical theatre for 20+yrs has now developed a new program to assist transition into Professional Musical Theatre performance. Now open to selected students of 16+yrs,  it’s your turn to experience this new method of learning the tricks and skills required to sustain the demands of musical theatre singing and performing.

Musical Theatre Artistry courses are designed to build your singing voice to give you the strength, control and contrast for performance, while keeping your natural individual sound, feel & style that makes your voice so clearly yours.

With students gaining roles in musicals across Australasia in Billy Elliot, the Pink Tribute, Disney, Alice In Wonderland and so much more, book in now to  experience a lesson with our vocal teachers to hear the results for yourself.

We are so proud of the results we’ve achieved and would love to share our programs and specially designed teaching structure & programs with you, so that you too can experience the results of our dedicated musical theatre vocal and performance guidance and tuition.

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Group Singing Workshop Classes

  • Wednesdays 7:30pm – 8:30pm (Group Commences Spring 2018)

  • Musical Theatre Singing Workshops: Book in for an Intro Lesson to see if you qualify to attend our Musical Theatre Artistry courses today!

Private Singing Lessons are available to develop your singing voice with a dedicated Vocal coach just for you

Choose from 30 minute or 50 minute options.

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I cannot thank Ziggy and her team for getting my daughter to where she is today, she is doing a 3yr course at “The Melbourne Opera Company”, starred in many amateur theatre productions, had the lead in the musical Annie and is up for an Lyrebird award for her portrayal of Fredrika in the musical “A Little Night Music!” H Ismail.