2024 Children Classes
Fees & Packages

Our popular packages are designed to make your Artz journey fun and with zero unexpected costs!

Payment for enrolment in our classes is an all-inclusive membership.
Choose from a monthly direct debit or one annual transaction.

No extra costume fees, no concert fees, no rehearsal practise fees, even your dance uniform AND 2 tickets to the concert per student are covered in just one monthly payment on our “Standard Package”. All new students benefit from our all inclusive “Standard Package” Artz Membership.

Standard Membership Package

* Annual Class Tuition Fees
* Showcase Production Levy
* 2 Tickets to the Annual End of Year Production
* Basic Class Dance Uniform (varies with each dance style)
* Extra Performance rehearsal classes
* Costume Hire
* Link to our Concert Video Recording
* Note: Dance shoes are not included

Pricing Guide

Classes start FROM $65 per month, all inclusive.

Annual Registration: starts at $99 Per Student & includes your child's dance uniform.

Please Ask Us For Assistance With Class Selection & Pricing.

Annual Discount: You Can Save 5% Off Your 2023 Tuition With A One-Off Payment When You Enrol.

Other Levels of Membership

Students wanting private weekly lessons or to join a Development Program choose add ons from below.

If you’ve been nominated for solo classes by a teacher or if you want private lessons you may add any additional level of training to your enrolment.

If unsure, please contact us now. Our teachers look forward to helping you make the best decisions.

Artz Company -
Show Team

"I’d like to perform more and do some competitions with my class & see what being part of a performance team is all about”."

The Artz Company or Show Team as we call it is a team of dedicated dancers and singers who train hard & love to perform together. This elite group of performers learn troupe and team routines for competitions, and for large and small scale events with our Artz Company Show Team.

Artz Solo Team

"I'd like to develop my confidence even more by learning solo dances with a special costumes to perform on stage at competitions!"

Creator Aaron Walker Photography

The Artz Solo Team is our team of dedicated dancers and singers who love to perform. The team members learn solo dances & songs in private lessons and then compete in competitions and perform at special events with our Artz Company Team.

Production Class

"I enjoy performing & want to be involved in the excitement of the Mid-Year Musical Theatre Production!"

Students who LOVE performing & want to be involved in the excitement of our Mid-Year Musical Theatre Production at the end of June 2024, need to be registered in Production Class.

This class runs late on Saturday afternoons from March - June (excluding holidays).

The Production Class can be added in to your package at the time & paid monthly or it can be put into your annual tuition payment. The tuition includes Costume, Tuition, and Mid Year Production Levy.

Live Studio Performance: Sunday 23rd June 2024

Weekly Private Lessons

"I'm serious about my dance training & want to become the best I can be!"​

(includes Artz Solo Team) Only available if you’ve been nominated. If you're interested, please ask your teacher to see if you're ready for this.

Extension (Elite) Ultimate Package

“I’m ready for more! I love being on-stage & I want to do competitions, performances & really go for it!"

Incl: 30 x 30min Private Lessons per year / Routine Choreography / Musical Arrangement.
NB: This Package Is Terrific For VCE Students or children in Years 8, 9 & 10 Studying Dance and / or Music.

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